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February 21, 2024

Investing is a serious deal that is an essential component for building a bright future. The earlier you start, the more committed you are to a long-term investment journey. Many experienced investors and companies have designed online financial platforms like ‘How to Invest’ that give many investment options and let people invest through their portal. 

Today, in this blog, we will take a look at the How2Invest portal and why every investor should choose it. 

What is How2Invest? 

how to invest

How2Invest is a financial platform that empowers beginners with interactive tools and comprehensive guides that will help them start their investment journey.

The process of investing can be a rollercoaster ride, but you can get all the understanding and full support from this platform. Whether you want to make money with Cryptocurrencies more swiftly, invest in stocks, or need financial assistance and knowledge, this platform can help you with all your financial needs. And the best part is that they offer services at much lower fees than their competitors in the market. 

If we talk about our experience, we invested in cryptocurrencies and purchased a few shares of a big company by learning through the guides given on the platform. We started using the platform six months ago and there’s been no looking back since then, and this platform has become a go-to place for financial advice for us. 

So this is the quick introduction to How to Invest, moving ahead let’s talk about their goals and why you should choose this platform.

Aim and Goal of How2Invest


While every broker offers the facility to invest in stocks, mutual funds, and other assets, there are certain limitations on the choices of products and charges levied. A customer has to pay to buy an asset along with the annual account maintenance charges. 

How2Invest was developed to cut these costs and make investing more feasible. The platform charges lower fees than its competitors to encourage more and more people to look after their money. In addition to this, the platform aims to spread financial literacy and make people more knowledgeable about their monetary assets. 

How2Invest vs. Traditional Investment 

Traditional investment options include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, gold, and real estate. Well, we have these options today as well, but earlier the investors had to do all the research, make investment decisions, and invest through investment firms and financial advisors. 

The firms and advisors used to charge hefty fees that would eat up the returns on investments. To combat this issue, online investment platforms with robo-advisors were developed. Robo-advisors are changing investment landscapes, and How2Invest is one of them.

You can buy those stocks, mutual funds, and bonds online at just 0.25% account maintenance fees. Moreover, it also offers tax-loss harvesting and automatic rebalancing along with portfolio management. 

As you can see, there are many benefits to online platforms over traditional methods. If you are still in doubt, let us help you. Refer to the next section to understand more. 

Why Should You Use How2Invest?


Investing is an effective way to make your money work for you and build wealth over time. However, the process isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially for new investors. You must have an idea where to park your money and the latest market news. Thankfully, this online platform has simplified many things, here are more reasons why you should use the platform:

  • Multiple calculators: The investment platform has multiple calculators which include, SIP, Loan, Retirement Savings, Mortgage, Car Loan, and GST calculators. The users can use them to plan and strategize their investments, savings, and expenses accordingly. 
  • Beginner-friendly Interface: How to Invest platform has a minimal layout with impressive features. The site is easily accessible even for first-timers.
  • Investment guides: The platform has a dedicated section for blogs, through which they address various finance topics. The aim of this is to spread financial literacy that can help people make wise decisions. 
  • Monthly Reports: It is crucial to keep track of your investments and look after the performance of the assets in your portfolio. This investment platform saves a lot of time for investors by generating a monthly portfolio report. Through the report, investors can analyze even further and make other monetary decisions. 
  • Low Fees: Where other investment platforms charge fees for everything, How2Invest charges minimal fees that are feasible to all types of investors. This low pricing and fees is the USP of this investment platform, making it one of the first choices of people. 
  • Market Trends and Updates: Either dipping your toes in the market for the first time, or you’re a full-time investor, everyone needs to be updated about the trends. The finance market is ever-changing, and gathering all the information can be a hassle. To solve this, How to Invest shares newsletters, and information to the users.  

We have already discussed why you should use the platform earlier, and we hope you’ve made up your mind by now. Let’s now look at the investment options given by the platform. 

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Investment Options by How2Invest


This financial portal has a diverse classification of all investment options falling under different asset types. As the platform caters to all kinds of investors, it gives a plethora of options to choose from. Here is the list of assets that you can invest in:

  • Stocks and Stock Funds: How to Invest has all kinds of stocks including large-cap, small-cap, medium-cap, blue-chip stocks, and growth stocks. You can check the interest rates, returns, and graphs of each company’s stock. Or, you can also invest in stock funds that are a combination of various stocks. 
  • Real Estate Investment Trust: REITs are a great asset class if you want to tap into the real estate sector but do not have sufficient money to purchase the property. These funds allow investors to put money into properties and earn dividends that can boost their income. REITs are further classified into equity, mortgage, hybrid, and Publically traded funds, and you can find them all on the investment platform. 
  • Mutual Funds: How to Invest has different types of mutual funds; Equity, Debt, and Hybrid funds. You can go through each of these fund types, their average return, and compounding interest rates to choose for investing.
  • Options Trading: The investment platform also gives the option of options trading that helps the traders to speculate returns, market movement, and chances of loss. This is the best feature for experienced traders who can sense the market value. 
  • ETFs: The investment platform offers many ETF options where you can park your money to get good returns in the future. ETFs are index funds that combine many assets under one roof to diversify the investment amount, which in return lowers the risk. 

These are the different assets offered by the How2Invest platform. You can find tons of valuable insights from the blog page of the platform. Read them and then proceed to learn how you can use the platform to start your investment journey. 

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How to Use How2Invest?


It has a very interactive and user-friendly interface, which makes it easier to use even for beginners. You can go through the website to understand the functionalities and then move ahead with the steps we have described below:

  • Step 1: Set up your account: First, register on the platform by filling in your information. For this, go to the platform, tap on the Sign-up button, and enter your name, address, email address, and password for your account. After following through the account set-up steps, you can now access all the features of the platform. 
  • Step 2: Define your investment goal: The next thing you need to do after signing up for the platform is fill out a questionnaire to explain your risk tolerance, investment, and financial goals. This will help the platform to filter and sort plans that will best suit your target. 
  • Step 3: Choose your investment type: After defining your investment goals, you need to go through different investment options like stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and other assets and understand each of their nature to filter the assets that fit right according to your risk appetite and goal.
  • Step 4: Start investing: After choosing the asset type, it’s time to start investing. To do so, you either link your bank account or send money through Apple Pay and other wallets to purchase the assets. Moreover, the platform also has an automatic payment setup option that can help investors to make investing a regular habit. 
  • Step 5: Monitor your portfolio: Once you have invested your money through the application, it will show your investment portfolio in your account dashboard. Here, you can track the performance of each asset you have in your portfolio. Plus, the platform analyzes and sends a simple report of your investment each month to stay on track.

Now that you’re aware of how to use and set up your account on the How2Invest platform, let’s proceed and check out the plans they offer and the fees they charge. 

How2Invest: Pricing and Fees 


The investing platform has a good reputation among investors, and you know the most significant contributing factor is its distinctive pricing. If you surf on Google, you will find several investing portals, but none can beat the plans and pricing offered by How2Invest. 

The platform charges 0.25% of invested assets per year, which is much lower than its competitors. Talking about transactional fees, it charges $4.95 per trade for stocks and ETFs. 

Note: The fees and plans may vary depending on the date you choose to invest via this platform. Read all the documents and fee structure carefully to avoid risks. 

The best part is that this app does not charge any fees on the returns of investment, and you can start your investment journey with just $1. So overall, we found this platform is cost-effective and an efficient option for investors.  

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How2Invest: Pros and Cons 

So till now we have discussed everything about the portal, let’s sum up by classifying the features as pros and cons to get a clear image. 

                      Pros                       Cons 
Interactive websiteNo call support
Low fees.Completely online platform
No account maintenance charges
Send updates about market trends.
Personalized tools to manage an investment portfolio

As you can see from the table, the platform does not have any major drawbacks. Based on our experience, How to Invest is without a doubt a great investment portal that one can select. 

Customer Support 

The investment platform has a dedicated team of financial experts who are always eager to help customers in need. So whether you want to learn about investment options or need assistance understanding the platform, you can contact the customer support team. 

Send an inquiry stating your concern through the Contact Us page of the website. The team will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, you can send mail to their registered address.

Address: 123 Main Street 

                 New York, NY 10001

You can also take live chat support to get answers to your queries. 

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Ans: Yes, investment apps are regulated and certified by the financial body of the government, so they are safe to use. However, you must do your research and find a trustworthy option.

Ans: The money you want to invest depends on the type of investment you want to tap into. However, it is possible to start your investment journey with $1.

Ans: The earlier you start investing, the better chances you have to accumulate a good portion of wealth in the future.


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