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July 10, 2023
  • Content: Instead of just names, details, important dates, etc. we serve more than that
  • Changes to this Privacy Policy: To make the experience even better and more advanced we may update this privacy policy without even notifying you of the same. It’s better to recall or read out the privacy policy periodically. So that you can stay updated with the changes. Your continual access to our site is considered as your acceptance of the updated information. Thus, make sure to check over the privacy policy from time to time.
  • Prohibited activities: Our site is accessible to almost everyone but that is non-exclusive and non-transferable. If anyone is found violating the compliance are eligible to face consequences. The violations are comprised of:
    • Disrupting the functionality of the site.
    • Engaging in unwanted activities that hinder the site’s performance.
    • Attempting to gain unauthorized access.
    • Trying to upload or transmit abusive, obscene, and content that violates the right of others.

Unavailability: No availability of the site could be encountered by some users. This is because access to the site is restricted by the specific country’s law. However, taking consent from the local law can fix this problem.