Privacy Policy

September 19, 2023

TheMoneyFlow – this user-devoted website undertakes our visitor’s privacy seriously. We understand how your privacy is important. We are aware of the fact that without privacy safeguards personal data can be susceptible to unauthorized access or hackers. Which can lead to identity theft, financial fraud, or reputational damage.

This privacy policy contains all the necessary information you need to know about how we collect use and protect your personal information. To know more look below:

Information We Collect

While accepting our offerings, we might demand to collect some information. We never demand any sort of financial information such as your bank account credit card etc. If you have unknowingly shared this vulnerable information with unknown strangers, then we are not held responsible for any loss. Coming back, the information we collect from our visitors is as follows:

  • Personal Information: We personal information we meant we collect Information such as your name, email address, date of birth or contact information nothing extra. Many people mix matches this. We might collect some sensitive information unless or until you vulnerably provide us. 
  • Financial Information: When you are accepting our financial services, in that case, we might ask for payment-related information such as credit card details or other basic banking information. This is to perform transactions, that’s it, and nothing else. 
  • Usage Information: We may collect usage information to comprehend how you interact with our site. The usage information is comprising IP addresses, device information, and browsing activities. You must be wondering why usage information.  To reply to your query, we use this information to prevent any unwanted entrance of hackers to protect our visitors’ data.

Use of Information

Below is the justification of how we use the information you trusted and provide us. The following purposes are noted below:

  • To provide and improve our services: The information you share with us is shielded there is no other hidden purpose behind the collection of the personal data. We employ the collected information for the delivery of quality Services. However, which enhances the user experience on our site.
  • To communicate with you: Communication is something that helps to remain transparent about details and avoid any misunderstanding. Keeping this in mind, with the gathered information, we deploy data to communicate over queries if any. However, we might share important updates on our site, send news latest and, promotional materials related to TheMoneyFlow. This is done to boost engagement. Thus, you can opt out of this at any point in time.
  • To process transactions: If you’re volunteering to enroll yourself in our financial services, we will utilize the payment information (collected from you) to process the transaction, verify your identity and prevent fraud. 
  • To personalize your experience: When we say personalization, we meant that we use your reviews and feedback to tailor our services in order to publish personalized services, content, and recommendations to your preferences.
  • To enforce our terms and policies: Lastly, We might utilize the information given by you to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions led by TheMoneyFlow. However, your information could be used in compliance with other policies too.

Information Sharing

Information sharing stated the way and where we share your information. We want you to know how we utilize and where we share. For that, we may share your information with third parties. But that too under the following circumstances. Those are

  • Service Providers: Your information could be shared with our trusted service providers. Those service providers are trustworthy and assist us in the delivery of a service. They can be payment processes or hosting providers. Moreover, the mentioned third parties are required to protect the information and are restricted from using it for any other unwanted or unacceptable purposes. You need not worry about it, hence, your information is in safe hands.
  • Legal Requirements: If we find someone engaging in illegal activities that could be harmful to us. We will take certain or necessary action against that individual. And, for that, we may disclose your information only if required by law, court order, or particularly to comply with applicable regulations.

Data Security

For new visitors who do not know much about TheMoneyFlow could believe the data here is not safe. To make things transparent between our visitors, and us, we would like to inform you, we implement reasonable security measures for the protection of the data you have given by trusting us. We feel grateful that our visitors believe that we could safeguard their data against unauthorized access, loss alteration, or disclosure.

However, one thing should be addressed, no method of transmission or storage is 100% secure. Considering this, we could not guarantee the absolute security of your data, but we ensure the high-security standard of security to maintain the trust you have in us.

Cookies and Tracking Technologies

We may use cookies Which stupidly are the small size that is provided by a site to be stored in a computer’s hard drive through the browser. The cookies are meant to recognize your browser and catch the browsing information. Although, it is used to enhance the user experience on the web by comprehending the preferences, and understanding the user behavior.

Whenever we use cookies, we notify you on your browser, and it’s your call whether to accept it or not. You can opt out or turn off the cookies. But disabled cookies limit functionalities for you. This is again to protect ourselves. Coming back may affect your experience on our site and with our services.

The cookies can be modified from the browser (as mentioned earlier) else you can try to turn it off from the settings of your browser.

Third-Party Disclosure: 

We do not support third-party disclosure as we are not involved in trading, selling, or transfer of your PPI which is  personality identifiable information. Note that, this is not applicable to the website hosting partners and parties who are constantly helping us in management, website operation, and services offered. However, all these aforementioned parties are strictly adhering to the privacy norms to ensure your safety.


Most people are unaware of this act. The CAN-SPAM Act is a suit of laws or rules laid for commercial emailing requirements of commercial messages and the rights of the recipients to stop email from being sent. Despite this, this doesn’t apply just to bulk email but covers all commercial messages which the law describes. 

If someone is found violating the CAN-SPAM Act is subjected to penalties of up to $50,120. So, think before making unwanted actions because noncompliance can be costly.