The Ultimate Guide to Fill Out MoneyGram Money Order 2024

February 21, 2024

Are you someone who wants to make payments without opening a bank account? Then, a MoneyGram could be a safer option for you. 

A money order is one of the most secure methods of payment and which does not require intervention from banks. In safety and security, it surpasses cash, check, and other digital payment services. According to FDIC, 7% of U.S. citizens make use of money orders through MoneyGram and U.S. postal services because they find it hassle-free.

FDIC Report Showcasing Data of Money Orders via MoneyGram

In order to send a money order via MoneyGram, you first need to gain a grasp of how to fill out a MoneyGram money order. For this, you will have to fill out a money order, which consists of filling in sender and receiver addresses, endorsements, and ID proofs. You cannot miss out on any of these steps.

Filling a money order is not complex, but completing it without any errors is a task for many. If you are trying a money order for the first time, in that case, you should read through this article for a deeper understanding of the peculiarities associated with filling a money order. 

Ways and Requirements for Purchasing Money Orders on MoneyGram

A money order is a payment instrument through which you can send and receive money by filling out a form. It is available through government postal services, trade unions, convenience stores, or money services like Western Union and MoneyGram.

The money order is not identical to a check, as no slip is attached for tracing. On the other hand, there is a counterfoil attached to the money order, which you can retain to trace the transaction, and in case of any default, it can serve as proof.

By now, you must have understood what a remarkable financial instrument a money order is. Now, let’s directly address the query of how to purchase money orders on MoneyGram. All you have to do is read through these pointers.

Note: MoneyGram is compatible with Apple devices; you can download this app from the App Store. More or less, the below steps are the same for Apple devices for purchasing money orders on MoneyGram. 

  • Open MoneyGram on your device. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or access its website from your mobile or PC.
    MoneyGram Website
  • At the top of the website, you would be able to see a tab named Find a Location, and click on it. It will take you to a page, where you can enter your address in the search bar. All the nearest MoneyGram location centers will appear.
    MoneyGram Location Search Bar
  • Then you can visit the nearest money order location with your valid ID and purchase the money order, which is free of cost. You will be charged $1.99 for most transfers within the United States if you properly fill out the money order form from MoneyGram.

A money order involves a list of information and documents to get filled and sent out for delivery successfully. 

Before deciding to move out to purchase a money order, collect all this information and documents for an easy flow of things:

  • Name of the Recipient
  • Address of Recipient
  • Contact Details of the Sender
  • Address of Sender
  • Your Endorsement (Sign)
  • Reason for Payment
  • Produce Valid ID cards issued by the Government. ID is required on all transactions (valid passport, EEA National ID, EEA Driving License)
  • Which City you are sending the Payment to.
  • Date of Purchase
  • The amount you are paying in dollars.

Note: For amounts £800 and above, ID MUST be uploaded to

Make sure you don’t forget to carry these documents when heading to the MoneyGram location.

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Steps to Follow for Filling Out a Money Order on MoneyGram

If you want to know how to fill out a MoneyGram money order, these steps are specially crafted to solve all your doubts. Let’s just dig into these steps.

Step 1: Pen Down the Name of the Payee’s Address 

The first step is crucial as it specifies who will be receiving the payment. Payee is someone to whom the payment has to be made and who will receive the money order. The recipient could be a business, firm, union, or individual.

Try to locate a column with a denomination of Pay to the Order of or Pay to on your money order, and fill in the name of the recipient correctly without making spelling mistakes.

Pay to the Order Field

It is often advised to fill out a MoneyGram payment order as soon as you get it so that it does not get stolen. You should first fill in Payee’s name; otherwise, you might forget to write the name, and anyone can misuse it. Ensure you are aware of the recipient’s initial, middle, and last names.

Note: You need to fill the whole form in Capitalization.

I am sure you must have understood the first step of how to fill out a MoneyGram money order. So, prepare yourself for the second step.

Step 2: Fill Out Payee’s Address

Just beside or below the Payee’s name, you would be able to locate the column of addresses. Keep in mind, if you are making a payment to an individual, you should write their home address. In case of sending a money order to a business or firm, you will have to pen down their proper office address.

What most people forget is to mention the street name or flat number. So, duly check them before executing any money order. Otherwise, it might not reach the right destination. Make sure you are using a ballpoint pen for writing the details in order to keep the information clear and crisp.

I think the above two steps make sense to you in understanding how to fill out a MoneyGram form. So, relax; one significant section of your money order is filled. 

Step 3: Write Down Your Name and Address in the Purchase Section

Who is the purchaser of the money order, you right? Fill in your name and address in a prescribed manner. You would be addressed as “Purchaser,” “Sender”, “Remitter”, or “From”. 

Address Section on MoneyGram Money Order

Some questions might have been running through your mind, what is the need to write down your address and name in the check? This is done in order to contact you if the MoneyGram personnel encounter any issues while mailing your money order.

This also makes the identification of payment sources for recipients and mailing operators convenient. Make sure you fill out all the information without any omissions.

Do you figure out this step of the MoneyGram order fills out? And why is it necessary to fill in your details? So, don’t muddle up this step in a hurry.

Step 4: Enter Your Account Number

Are you making a bill payment through a money order? In that case, you will be asked to pen down your account number. Otherwise, you won’t be asked for any details regarding your account. 

As you skim through the money order, you will be able to find a column with the name Payment for/ Account number. In case, there isn’t any column, you can write the account number at the front top of a payment order, or you can write it at the back of the money order whatever suits you.

Payment Amount and Account Number Column

I feel this step of filling out the MoneyGram form is a bit complex for some because initially, you were informed that you are not required to have a bank account for it. But this is one such exception.

Step 5: Finish Off Memo Line

When you go through the money order, you will find a section by the denomination Memo or Purpose.  A memo is a section in which you are supposed to fill in the purpose of sending the payment. You can specify the reason for sending the money to an individual or a firm.

If you are purchasing some goods from any individual or firm, you can write that in a memo. Similarly, you can mention the name of the forum where you are making a bill payment. 

Example: If you are making a payment for an electricity bill, you can write an electricity bill payment to Tata Powers. This is how to fill out a MoneyGram memo in the simplest way possible.

Step 6: Complete the Money Order PaperWork By Endorsement

Are you pondering over where to sign? Did the front and back fields of the signature confuse you? You don’t have to worry. Try to find a field with the name “Signature”, “Purchaser’s signature,” or “Endorse” on the front side of the money order. 

Purchaser Signature

This is where you need to sign in order to complete the money order and make it official. The backside signature column is for the recipient; they need to sign it when they want to encash it.

Note: The signature of the sender is not needed for USPS postal money orders.

Step 7: Make Payment for Processing Fee

Money orders are usually used for making small payments rather than checks. That is also reflected in the fees for purchasing money orders. MoneyGram mostly charges $1.99 for payment orders within the U.S. This is the charge that you might have to pay for filling out a money order on MoneyGram.

Step 8: Keep Your Receipt / Counterfoil Safe

There is a detachable counterfoil or receipt attached to your money order. Intrigued about what’s its use? It is used as proof if your money order gets lost or in case of theft. Moreover, you can also trace your payment order via the details mentioned on it.

MoneyGram Money Order Receipt

I have descriptively explained to you all how to fill out a MoneyGram money order. Try to absorb all these steps; once you are done, you can continue to go through the other sections of the article.

Things to Avoid While Filling Out a Money Order on MoneyGram

You might have experienced that mistakes and hurry often ruin things. So, it is important to fill out MoneyGram option carefully. This process isn’t knotty, but due to negligence, you could make it complex.

So, let’s just figure out the common mistakes which people commit. By doing that, we can identify the key areas that require more consideration. Below are some mistakes that you might commit.

  • An incorrect date
  • Unreadable writing
  • Signing at the wrong place or using multiple signatures.
  • Losing track of your receipt or tearing it off inappropriately, thus causing scratches on a money order.
  • Spelling errors in Payee or Purchaser name
  • Leaving any column of the money order blank
  • Forgetting to fill in the account number (In case of bill payment)
  • Misleading address information

These are some points that you should keep in mind so that you don’t commit these mistakes while filling out a money order on MoneyGram.

Things to Ponder Over: Always compare money order processing fees of service providers.You should read the cancellation and refund policies of service providers.Go through the tracing protocols of the money order providers.As an aware citizen, you should research and read reviews of the service providers.

Spelling mistakes are one of the major reasons for the cancellation of money orders, so pay special heed to it.

How Much Money Can You Put on a MoneyGram Money Order

Money order is not like a check in aspects of transacting huge amounts of money. It has a limit of $1000 per transaction in the case of a MoneyGram payment order. The services may vary from different money order service providers.

Maximum transfer limits are usually low in the case of MoneyGram and involve many hidden charges. And one thing you should remember is to check their exchange rates, both virtually and in person, which might differ. Moreover, it does not provide recurring transfers, scheduled transfers, or hedging to help you save money.

Most of the money order service providers have a similar money order limit. This is because a money order is a small financial payment instrument and requires a promissory statement from the service providers.

Can a MoneyGram Money Order be Traced?

Yes, you can definitely trace your MoneyGram order if you have kept the receipt safely. Do you have the counterfoil and the receipt? If yes, in that case, we can address this question. The resolution of this issue is only possible if you have learned how to fill out MoneyGram money order. And executed all the steps, keeping the instructions in mind. 

There are two ways of doing so:

  • If you have the receipt of your money order, you can open the MoneyGram website. All you need to do is enter the serial number and amount in dollars. The serial number would appear on the left side of the receipt. Click on the “Check Status,” and all the trace information will pop up on your screen.
  • The second option you have is to call the customer number of MoneyGram at 1-800-542-3590. You will have to provide your money order serial number, the date of initiating the transaction, and the amount in dollars you made a transaction.

Keeping your counterfoil of the money order is very crucial for tracking your order. It is also useful at the time of loss or refund of your payment order.

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By now, you must learn how to fill out a MoneyGram form , which is one of the most asked questions on different social media platforms. People who usually fail to have a bank account are hooting for it. So, it is one of the best money-sending instruments for many. But several people fail to fill in the money order in the correct way, here, all these issues have been resolved in a descriptive manner.

A money order is a magical wand for you if you want to make a transaction of less than $1000. And it is a remarkable payment instrument for people who do not have a bank account or who do not wish to involve a bank in making the transaction.


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