Clark Receives $69M in Series-C Round Led by Tencent

September 29, 2023

Clark was founded in the year 2015 by Christopher Oster, Steffen Glomb, Dr. Marco Adelt, and Chris Lodde is a FinTech company that helps you provide insurance coverage of various types. This platform can be called an insurance manager that provides its customers with a digital way to improve its policies. 

Clark raised 69M in a Series-C Round led by Tencent, which also had the participation of some existing investors, including Portage (Portag3) Ventures, White Star Capital, and Yabeo. The fund has been speculated to be used for the growth and development of Clark’s product and user acquisition.

In the article, you will be able to grab more information about Clark’s company specifications, features, a bunch of insurance they provide, and much more. Let’s jump into the brief details ahead.

Clark: Berlin-Based Insurance Company Specifications

Customer-centric, Frankfurt-based insurance advisor Clark specifications have been provided below from the headquarters, IPO status details to the total funding amount received till now.

HeadquartersFrankfurt, Hessen, Germany
FoundersChristopher Oster, Steffen Glomb, Dr. Marco Adelt, Garrett Whitmore, and Chris Lodde
Operating StatusActive
Legal NameClark Germany GmbH
Company TypePrivate
Last Funding TypeSeries-C
Total Funding Amount$133.7M
Total Investors21
Number of Employees501-1000
CB Rank439
Phone Number069 153 229 339

Brief on Clark

Clark insurance coverage platform is preferred by millions due to its transparent, cheap, and comprehensive service, and it has recently received a $69M raised in its series-C funding. 

This InsurTech industry headquartered in the European Region has combined technology and insurance guidance together with Insurance expertise on board. 

Clark is supported by FinTechincubator FinLeap and the insurance think tank ITA and has offered simple insurance coverage to at least 300,000 customers from Germany and Austria and is still working to help millions in the coming year. It has been working successfully with its paper-based policy and was looking for investors to fund them for the growth and development of their tools, products, and user acquisition.

The recent founder Tencent was behind the series-C funding of Clark along with the other investor participation groups of the company, including Yabeo, White Star Capital, and Portage3 Ventures.

Earlier Funding Round of Clark

Let’s get to know about the previous funding status of Clark through the table below.

FundersFunding AmountFunding DateInvestors
Target Global       –October 5, 2015,5
29 September 201610
Lexington Partners29 June 20171
Portage Ventures and White Star Capital$29M25 April 20186
Tencent$69M12 January 20215

After learning hugely about the current and former funding of Clark, let’s dive to know the mission and features that make it suitable for “Clark raises $69M series”.

Clark’s Mission and Features

Clark believes that “The important thing in life should be simple, CLARK makes insurance simple and helps to ensure people properly.” Insurance has always been a tiresome topic, and it is also known that still, Insurance is still running in the digital stone stage. Their goal and mission are to change it completely and turn it simple, transparent, and less hectic. 

Here are some of the missions and features of Clark that have led it to gain “Clark raises $69M in Series-A title”.

  • Clark’s application is customer-centric, which completely overviews all the insurance for its customers, and finds them the match of their needs, thus turning everything digital.
  • They work transparently and inform the customers about their contracts, and notice periods. It also provides the details related to the details of the contract clearly and does the changes if you require them.
  • The tariff selection is done based on the customer’s needs and the ratio of price-performance of the tariffs.
  • All the data stays perfectly encrypted in the German servers and stays under the supervision of data protection authorities.
  • One can easily monetize their insurance with the help of the Clark App, which has no hidden fees even if you use a broker.
  • The company is not an insurance agent because they serve the customers and not the individual insurance company.

Various Insurance Provided by Clark

The Frankfurt-based Germany Clark provides various insurance customer services, and some of them have been included in the list below.

  • Death benefit insurance
  • Supplementary health insurance
  • Private health insurance
  • Private pension insurance
  • Supplementary dental insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Long-Term Insurance
  • Medicine Insurance
  • Group life & Disability
  • Long-Term Care
  • Life and Key Person Insurance

Some Facts and Reasons for Clark 69M Series

A comprehensive and transparent insurance service by Clark and its efficient application is one of the reasons behind the Clark receiving various funding. Recently Clark has also had 105 Million Euros in venture capital funding but has not made any public statement about it as they are currently working on their expansion. Let’s get to know more reasons and facts that are leading to their expansion.

  • Clark constantly monitors the accessibility of personal data and restricts it for security measures; thus, its application can be trusted.
  • Their website and application are hosted by AWS (Amazon Web Services) and external service providers (Hoster).
  • They are currently working on the sustainability factors and risks that could affect the performance of your insurance. 
  • Clark’s primary goal is the satisfaction of their customers and providing products in line with their wishes.
  • It’s a one-stop solution that provides the perfect guide, deals, and incentives in its insurance-guiding journey to its customers.
  • The digital management insurance provided by them includes brokers, guides, and policy options with algorithm-based mapping of Clark Insurance service.

Clark’s Customer Services

Clark’s services are widely known for being the best companion in selecting the right insurance or investment products, by concluding the contract with the company and staying during the term and end of the contract. Let’s get to know the customer services details below:

Contact Email
Contact Number069 153 229 339

Contact Address:
Clark Germany GmbHWilhelm-Leuschner-Strasse 17-1960329 Frankfurt am Main
TimingsMon – Fri, 8 a.m. to 8 p.mSat, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m
Clark Android AppClark
Clark Cloud ApplicationClark

Closing Thoughts

Clark’s transparent and comprehensive insurance coverage has received $69M in Series-C, and there are several reasons why it is chosen by millions of its customers worldwide. The best part is the high standards and procedures it has for the security of its customer’s personal data. They are committed to providing secure, confidential processing of personal data for its employees, contractors, website users, and stakeholders.


Ans: Clark has 21 investors, some of which are Tencent and Coparion.

Ans: Clark has raised $133.7M in total.

Ans: The last funding round of Clark was held on Jan 12, 2021, from a Series C round.

Ans: Clark’s competitors may include Turtlemint, Newfront, and Luko.

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